Take care of yourself

Tune your Energy

~ It's inside your cells, no need to go far to find it, it's right here ~

Give yourself a break for a moment, come to breathe deep and well, come to feel the intensity of life inside you, come and see everything clearly and know you have a good reason to be here.

Tune in your energy, feel well, be in the good and you can fulfill anything within you.

personal trainer

Tagaya play your music
Personal Training

Think of yourself as a musical instrument, playing the unique music you are bringing to this world. Wouldnt you want to tune it so that the affect you have on anything you touch will be the best and most accurate one?
So come to an energy coaching session and in the same way an instrument is being kept at its highest performance, you too will tune in and enhance the energy inside you in a way that will provide you with the power and ability to act in the most accurate and successful way in every field.
During the session we will practice the Qualities which most suitable for you at that moment, we will recharge your batteries, refresh your energy, and you will come out feeling good as new, ready to play who you really and truly are.

To schedule a meeting, contact us. The training session can be done online.

Practicing the Tagaya allows you to refine the energy inside you,
                            To bring it to a clean, accurate and concentrated place,
                                                      And from there, in your right direction, You can reach anywhere you want.

Grant yourself

right now is the best time

come to renew your powers

Tagaya To move to a new place
personal coaching

Come for a meeting that will give you the knowledge and power to do it.
Life is one big movement from one situation to another. When we learn the lesson we're moving forward, but sometimes the movement stops, gets complicated and repeats itself. There's something we don't understand, there's something we fail to learn and we're stuck in a continuous situation.
So if you're tired about what's happening, or not happening, and you wish to move on, come for a short and accurate couching 4 to 5 sessions which would give you the tools and the energy to make the change and move forward.

When we can see the thing that's stopping us and keeps us in the way we are right now, we can also see the solution, the thing that can make us move to the desired place. The wisdom of elements allows us to reveal what's hidden, the inner powers acting upon us and affecting our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. The knowledge of the wisdom of elements is also providing the keys for a change.

So what do you do after you find out what's stopping you exactly? You'll get some short Tagaya Qualities modified exactly for you, a few minutes a day, and things start moving to a new place.

The coaching process is suitable for kids and adults and the many topics are varied: relationships, career, family, health, self-realization, losing weight etc.
Every session is a stand-alone, and provides you with a new knowledge which would help you move forward and succeed. It's not a magic, it is you making the change, with the help of professional tools which change things quickly and accurately.

Wondering whether a personal coaching is good for you? Contact us now and we'll check it together in a short conversation.
The coaching sessions can be done over the phone or online.

Do you know the reason for your being in the world? What is the destination which is yours only? Sometime is takes a whole lifetime to understand what are we doing here, and sometimes when we find out the reason, it may be too late to fulfill ourselves and be really happy. So why let time pass without knowing? Come for a personal coaching session and you could get the knowledge and tools which would give you the power to be who you are, completely fulfilled.

move your own way

Learn to play your music

Tagaya being focused and calm with no effort
Attention and concentration

Tagaya is specialized in improving the studying ability through designated, short and catchy exercises, which immediately affect in 3 main aspects:

Creating inner peace which prevents distractions
Increasing the ability to focus and concentrate
Moderating reactivity

There's no need for long processes, once you learn the basic exercises, a few rehearsals of 5 minutes during the day will cause the ability of learning, focusing and sharp perception improve significantly. The practice fits for adults and kids and is aimed for anyone wishing to improve academic achievements.

What do we do in the meeting?

Each one of us is unique in its own way, both in skills as well as difficulties. In the session we analyze both of them, and provide a personal set of Qualities for each person out of the wide variety of Tagaya Qualities design for improving learning skills.
You learn, practice, and when you know what to do you go back home and all thats left is to practice 5 minutes a day. It's possible to have another practice before an exam, a meeting, or any other task requiring concentration, persistence, and focus for a long time.

In addition, we deal with 2 other subjects:

'Energetic maintenance'
You probably know it when you need to do something requiring learning skills but suddenly we are willing to do anything but sit down and focus without any breaks, any distractions, any excuses. Well, 'energetic maintenance' teach you to easily gather up enough power and maintain your energy in order to focus and complete the task all the way through.

'Enhancing skills'
As said, following the analysis every trainee receives a personal set of exercises designed to ease attention deficit disorders, however just as important, exercises allowing an easier expression of your personal skills. When you do something which is within you easily and successfully, the self confidence is strengthened, attention to distractions is decreased and the surrounding is supporting and encouraging.

To schedule a meeting, contact us. The session can be done online.

Discount for ADHD treatment

Practicing Tagaya in schools
The results of practicing in schools are extraordinary. It was revealed that after 1 month of practice, 22 of the 32 indicators measuring attention deficit disorders are improved these are magnificent success rates, however beyond statistics, students and parents feel much better and this is definitely a meaningful achievement.

These are the fields showing the highest improvements with students over time:

Diagnosis and treatment for attention deficit disorders for children and adults A high focusing ability uneasily distracted by external stimulations.
Ritalin neurofeedback and didactic assessment Ability to focus and concentrate for a long time.
Specialist for attention deficit disorder Better control of delaying reactions and stopping interfering activities.
attention deficit disorders treatment Improving memory and order, planning and organizing abilities.
Tagaya, natural method for treating ADHD Focus of perception the ability to distinguishing between important and unimportant.
The center for treating ADHD Institute Increase of presence level and reduction of dreamy situation.
Classes for children with ADHD Success in task completion and improvement of self confidence.

Students, parents and teachers say:

Students practicing the Tagaya show a better focusing ability in class, high attention level without distraction by external stimulations, they say it's easier for them to concentrate in class and they don't get as tired by the effort to stay focus and learn.
At home, they manage to complete tasks and persist with homework completion compares to their status prior to the Tagaya practice. In addition, they are more successful in executing tasks generally, regardless of school, such as: playing music better, higher success in sport competitions, etc.
Parents report on students' higher ability of persistence in executing "boring" tasks, moderating overreaction, decrease of over-talking, higher level of presence and decrease of "dreaming" situations. In addition, parents report on fewer fights at home, between siblings and friends, a lower tendency of the kids to barge into conversations, and a higher success in postponing immediate satisfaction.

Teachers report a higher focusing ability in class. Students who prior to practicing Tagaya had a difficulty listening and be active in class, now manage to listen without a problem, ignore distractions, not deal with other things during class, and stay seated during class without getting up or moving in their chair.

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