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Tagaya keeps you in balance
Tagaya keeps you in balance

Self practice DVD

The DVDs for self study and practice are dealing with different subjects.
In each one of them you have a thorough studio session which includes explanations and rehearsals.
Once you catch the movements, it's possible to pass to a silent practice filmed in the magnificent desert views.

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Bonding to the Spirit
Tagaya - practice now
Connect to the power within you!
In this DVD you'll learn and practice the "Bonding to the Spirit" sequence. This sequence, consisted of 9 Qualities, is one of the basic sequences in Tagaya where the affect of the practice is felt as a powerful connection to the life force within us.

The nine phases:
Every creation in our life, whether it's preparing a meal or starting a business, is consisted of nine phases, and practicing the sequence allows an accurate creation process, or in other words, provides you with the energy to make your dreams come true where every phase in the process receives the needed attention for success.

Sample from "Bonding to the Spirit" DVD.

In Constant Movement
Tagaya for better life
Move your way easily.
In this DVD we'll learn and practice 2 sequences with practical exercises allowing freedom of movement and a good expression in the daily life.
The first sequence is called "The 5 Qualities of the internal movement" and its practice helps us be more flowing, accurate and sharp in our activities. The way we live, the motivation, the realization, the satisfaction, the success, all these are depending on the quality of our internal motion which is consisted of 5 factors: internal paste, speed of perception and action, flowing with what is happening, the courage to be and the power of the life force inside us.
The 5 Qualities of the internal movement sequence, enhances and balances the 5 factors and allows us to move with life in a much easier and lighter way than normal.

The second sequence we will learn and practice is called: “The 4 elements". it composed of 4 qualities that leads to:
Clarity of thoghts - the Air Element
Fearless acting - the Fire element
Flow- the Water element
Joyousness- the Earth element.

Samples from the DVD ""In constant movement"

Broadening Perception
הרחבת יכולות
To see the unseen.
In this DVD we'll learn and practice 2 sequences that portray 'The 5th Element'' which provides a use in unfamiliar and unusual tools, for a connection and a mutual activity with the creator force within us.

The first sequence is called Renewal and it's about coordinating and accelerating frequencies, deepening the connection with the unknown and expressing high and powerful qualities.

The second sequence is called "The Additional Function of Senses " : the 5 senses allow the translation of the data around us into a reality frame, with which we perceive the world around us, however each sense has also an energetic role, on top of the physical role, and by practicing this sequence we can lead to an enhanced perception of reality.