Boost your Energy

Boost your Energy

~ Everything in life requires energy ~
When we are full of energy, we can move mountains, but when it's insufficient, it harms our mood, our health
and mostly our ability to shift from one situation to another and enjoy life.

So what's a simpler way than practicing Tagaya for a few minutes, recharge our batteries quickly and get enough energy so we can fly whenever we want?

Ther is a great power within you

Short video exercises try it now!

What is suitable for you right now? Do you want to feel fresher? Perhaps you want peace, sense of confidence, maybe you wish to be focused and targeted within a minute. Try one of the exercises and move to where you wish to be.

From dissipation to focus
                        From heaviness to lightness
                                                    From being stuck to flowing
                                                                                    Tagaya is teaching and allowing shifting between                                                                                                                                                 situations easily and quickly

Additional exercises and videos can be found in our YouTube channel and Facebook page

Tagaya exercises are composed of movements and breaths where each one takes about a minute. The exercises are called 'Qualities' and they deal with a variety of issues such as: increasing attention and concentration, happiness, accuracy, containment, inner strength, awareness, courage, creativity, clarity of thought, improvement of senses functionality etc.
All the exercises are short, accurate and their affect is immediate.

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Tagaya Live broadcast

Practice everywhere Tagaya Live and on VOD

A weekly practice hour is enhancing and organizing your energy for the entire week, but why settle for one hour when you can practice as many hours as you want? Now you can practice everywhere: at home, in the office, while vacationing abroad and wherever it fits you.

This week subject which awaits you in the player is: 'The Trap'
Become the hunter
Enjoy the practice, see you next Tuesday.

The live broadcast shall begin 10 minutes prior to the practice and during this time you shall see only the studio.
The time now is:
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Free trial session
The best way to feel the impact of the Tagaya practice is to practice, so give yourself 30 minutes of quality time and enjoy.

Did you enjoy, do you feel good? everything is alive, flowing, full of energy and quite. You are invited to participate with us every week in enhancing experience of Tagaya practicing.
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In both cases, the subscription is based on number of days: 7 or 28 full days, regardless of the registration date.

Tagaya - Practice a better life

Tagaya - practice now

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Tagaya the way it fits you