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~ Every person is born with a set of unique talents, and if he will know how to use them fully
he will become the master of his life ~

Why are you here in the world? There are so many people, so many roles, what is that unique thing about you which no one else has in the whole world?
Tagaya method and the Wisdom of Elements allows you to know yourself, your unique part on this land
with Tagaya Qualities providing you the ability and the powerto fulfill your uniqueness
and get a true meaning in your life.

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Tagaya method and the Wisdom of Elements

Tagaya is designed to connect you with your strength, with the power of life flowing through your cells, and not only connect but to enhance your energy so it can improve your skills, so that you will become the best you can be as the person you are, so that you'll feel better with yourself and know you are never alone.

You don't need to believe in it, you donít need to understand it, you only need to practice it, and then you'll know, you'll immediately feel the power you came to this world with, the power you've always had and will always be with you, and that when cooperating with it, almost everything is possible for you.

The method is consisted of short exercises with an immediate and strong affect. Movement and breathing exercises which you can practice everywhere, and once you do, something is changing: everything becomes peaceful and quiet, thoughts are clear, the feeling is good, the motivation and the ability to do, to change, to move things is increased, and your body is alive and full of power, just like increasing the volume of the life within you.
Tagaya exercises are called Qualities since they are a concentrated extract of characteristics: Courage, happiness, clarity, concentration, presence, peace, affect, every Quality brings a different flavor with it and through practicing you can experience the variety of life flavors. The more you repeat practicing a Quality, it becomes more accessible and available in your life.

Behind the Qualities is the 'Wisdom of the Elements a concept that's teaching internal freedom to move and create, to experience, to learn, to receive and give forward, free of limitations. In order to do what's best for you, you need an available energy, which in unconscious situations could be wasted on situations that are taking powers away from you. The wisdom of elements is teaching you to 'see', to identify what's happening beyond the masks and 'hunt the energy' in order to gather it back, and consciously turn it into a full personal fulfillment.

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