Tagaya, make dreams come true

   & The wisdom of the Elements

5 minutes of
Tagaya a day
and you can move to wherever you really want.

Tagaya practice for you, in one sentence ...

"Words cannot describe, it is an amazing connection experience!" Sharon B.
"It gives me the power to do anything I want" Elad C.
"Makes me feel immediately peaceful and relaxed" Rachel S.
"I feel alive!" omer C.
"It resets me and brings me back home" Tal
"Shifts aside the thoughts that bother me"Shahar K.
"For me it's like oxygen" Ilanit
"I sleep very well at night and wide awake during the day"Shay M.

Tagaya is shifting you between situations

In order to live the way you want
In order to get what you deserve
In order to make your dreams come true
You need to know how to shift between situations in your life,
From the existing situation to the desired one

Tagaya is providing you with 3 tools to do so:
* To be aware of the state you are in right now
* To aim yourself towards your goal
* To enhance your energy in order to move
Simply choose what is most suitable for you

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